Move junk to inbox in

Posted by Joe Enos on May 20, 2021 · 1 min read

Recently I switched over to Microsoft 365 with, using my custom domain and email address. The process is overly complex, requiring GoDaddy to run the domain, and overall the tools are not fantastic.

But the thing that really got me was the junk filter is atrocious. Messages go to junk, even after whitelisting them. I have the junk settings to allow everything, and still, even messages from contacts and safe senders still end up in junk.

I was thinking about digging up some VBA tutorials, or whatever the language of choice for Office is now. But I found that Microsoft Flow has the ability to do what I needed.

I set up a rule to just move all junk mail back to the inbox. Of course, this means I get spam in the inbox. But with some rules on keywords, and some patience, I can catch those and auto-delete those messages.

The flow is really straightforward: